Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vogelein Clockwork Faerie by Jane Irwin

Vogelein is a Young Adult Graphic novel. As a matter of fact, Vogelein-Clockwork Faerie is one of Booklist's top ten Graphic Novels for 2003. It's the first Graphic novel I've ever read. I was quite impressed. Vogelein is a faerie created by a kind man named Heinrich. He lives in Germany. Since her creation, Vogelein has traveled far and wide making many new friends and one particularly angry enemy. He hates "fir" meaning man. Vogelein is very sad. Fortunately, her friends give her ways to cope with the permanent state of her life like "if it won't kill you, it will only make you stronger."

The book is well put together with great illustrations, beautiful poems written by Yeats, Waltman and even Martin Luther King. There is a glossary and so much helpful material in this book making your journey with Vogelein more fun. You won't forget Vogelein. As a matter of fact, I hope to meet up with her again in other books by the authors.

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